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GlotoxMD is a center of medical esthetics and cosmetic gynecologic services. GlotoxMD is the brainchild of Dr. Grewal. At GlotoxMD the goal is always to help patients achieve a natural and balanced esthetic result.


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PDO body contouring


body contouring

PDO threads are very versatile as they can be used in any part of the body, to shape, contour and build collagen. Age related changes/weight loss can cause loss of skin elasticity and sagging. A PDO matrix can help lay down collagen to firm, tighten and lift the loose skin. Book a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this procedure!

Facial Contouring with Fillers

Facial Contouring with Fillers

Here at GlotoxMD, we’re all about creating natural contours to the face from high definition cheek bones, to a snatched jawline or that perfect lip pout! We use FDA approved fillers. Book your consultation to see how you create those InstaGlam ready looks!



Neuromodulators are used to soften fine lines and wrinkles caused by expression by temporarily blocking the muscle. Common types of neuromodulators used are Botox, Dysport, Juveau and Xeomin. Call us at GlotoxMD to come in for a free consultation to see how neuromodulators can help me. Keep that Glo going!

Cosmetic Gynecologic

Cosmetic Gynecology

At GlotoxMD we offer vaginal rejuvenation procedures with PRP and other treatment modalities to help you regain your confidence with intimacy, issues with vaginal dryness, strengthening the vaginal tissues and improving incontinence along with cosmetic restoration of the external labia. Schedule a consultation to see which procedure is ideal for you.

GlotoxMD PDO V Silhouette

GlotoxMD PDO V Silhouette

PDO thread contouring of the face allows a natural and subtle look which is created by absorbable Polydiaxonone threads. These threads help build collagen in a controlled fashion and over time promote tightening and lifting of the skin. PDO threads dissolve over a 6 month period laying down collagen which is yours to keep.

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“I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Grewal for Botox and was impressed by her excellent bedside manner along in with an in-depth explanation of how Botox works to smoothen wrinkles. She scheduled me to see her in a few weeks and was happy to do any touch ups if needed, which I didn’t need 🙂 I love my results and will be seeing Dr. Grewal regularly!”

T.L. Imperial Valley


“Dr. Grewal gave me hi-def cheekbones and corrected my under eye región with fillers. Very natural and subtle! Thank you Dr. G”

Tina E. Solano County


“Love my Botox! I had gone to another provider and my results lasted for a month!! I will never go to someone offering CHEAP BOTOX! Dr. Grewal took her time and I feel comfortable in her hands. “

S.B. Danville, Ca